Third Year Projects

Gert-Jan Verellen When Night Falls 3

2021, Inkjet Print, 11.7″x16.5″

When Night Falls is a documentary series on suburban night photography that highlights the eerie liminal spaces that form at night. Over the last few months living at home and going on runs throughout the neighbourhood I live in has made me memorize the area by heart, during the daytime. When I go out, I see the colorful houses, beautiful green lawns, and human activity that makes the neighborhood come to life. However, when the sun sets, the narrative changes. Everyone goes inside their homes and turn their lights off, transforming the neighborhood into a desolate liminal space. I try to convey an uneasy feeling as I document the echoes of human activity. The subjects usually involve only a single light source in the photo. I want the viewer to be drawn towards the uneasiness, and the fear of not knowing whether you are alone in the scene or not.