Third Year Projects

James Robbins Wait, Let Me Put My Face On: Untitled 3

Photographic Print, 8.5″ x 11″

They say opposites attract, however, I find myself in a relationship with someone who shares many interests, sense of humor, ideas, goals and aspirations with me. Some major interests we share are makeup artistry, as well as being in the spotlight, in the beauty industry. In this series, entitled Wait, Let Me Put My Face On, I aim to capture the process of transforming the face of my significant other with makeup. My interpretation of “seeing others / seeing ourselves” is a representation of my online presence being projected onto the subject, whom I see aspects of myself in. Relating to the theme of the assignment, this project explores our identities and desire for glamour. It also examines the illusion of confidence and visually seeing confidence develop throughout the process. This is a common theme in my visual representations as I often portray external confidence. The composition of the images are inspired by Claude Cahun’s self portraiture and performance art. Another artist who I took inspiration from is Ryan Pfluger and his minimalistic approach to portraiture. Similar to Pfluger’s work, the images are highlighting the subject by surrounding him with negative space for more captivating contrast. I have painted the subject the way I would paint my own face with the exact same steps, while documenting the process. 

    Wait, Let Me Put My Face On: Untitled 3