Third Year Projects

Jake Greenup Untitled (Garage Cupboard)

2021, Digital Photograph, 24” x 30”

Product Placement looks to display the relationship between people and the commercial marketplace (the discourse in which commercial goods are bought and sold). The project presents a juxtaposition between public space, represented by the promotion of products in advertising, and private space, represented by the concealment of commercial goods in household cupboards. The goal of the project is to allow viewers to consider how identity and culture are shaped by the insinuation of commercial products in domestic spaces. 
Product Placement uses a hybrid approach. An initial avoidance of compositional intervention was taken when “documenting” the cupboards, this introductory approach was taken to create a photographic representation of domestic spaces as “truthful and honest.” The later digital alteration of the “documentary photographs” employed a commercially inspired approach to post-production that looked to supplement the original “truthfulness” of the photographs by introducing an idealistic perfection through digital adjustments. The large scale chosen for the prints is intended to encourage viewers to examine the contents of the cupboards by creating a vicarious reinstatement of the original subjects within the exhibition space.

    Untitled (Garage Cupboard)