Third Year Projects

Arjot Sandhawalia The Way We Are

The Way We Are is a project dedicated to celebrating the unique features and profiles of people. More often than not, we are our biggest critics, especially in this age of social media. There is so much pressure to look a certain way, and that can become very exhausting. Each subject has three portraits of three different views of their faces. In an attempt to focus solely on the subjects, they wear a white shirt and stand in front of a neutral background with natural lighting. The project is to focus on natural features which is only emphasized by the simplicity of the images. Each subject was still able to have their personality be visible as well with how they chose to style themselves and the way they chose to portray themselves. Each person is only instructed how to face the camera; their facial expressions and hair style, were all their own choices. This project allows people to be at their most simple and still be able to be different, in almost every matter.