Third Year Projects

Jon Greben The Jerry Project

2021, Inkjet composite print of mixed media installation, 13″ x 19″

The Jerry Project is a multimedia installation piece on the life of my late great uncle, Jerry Greben, who passed away suddenly last July. Upon his unexpected passing, my family was responsible for the affairs of his estate, including his house. We were struck by how many objects rich with personal meaning he left behind. Jerry had four careers in his lifetime, working as an actor and model, travel agent, television production stand-in, and Airbnb host. He kept the script of every episode he had worked on. There were letters of appreciation for his contributions dating back half a century. Recently, a short documentary film about his career as a stand-in, The Legendary Jerry G, was produced by director Kelly Makin.

This work assembles photographs, letters, articles, ads, objects, and a video tour of his home, to capture the life of this fascinating man, whose rich professional world was largely unknown to his own family until very late in his life. His home’s contents revealed a depth of information he kept to himself for decades. Through the lens of these treasured personal possessions, I discovered posthumously so much about a man I was close to in life.

    The Jerry Project