Third Year Projects

Nicole Novak The Iron Door / The Rogue Stylist

2021, Inkjet Print, 20” x 40”

The Iron Door is a hair salon owned by Sean Spence (also known as The Rogue Stylist). This project was inspired by work I have done with him in the past few years–taking photos of his creative process with hairdressing and incorporating my own creativity through photographing his clients. The idea here was to incorporate his passion for hair with mine for photography. The photos are all black and white because Sean is colourblind. We decided together to create only black and white images because it is a way for him to show us what he can see best. He wanted to create a portfolio of his work while also having some fun with it so I suggested that the post haircut photos be “mugshots,” and he loved the idea. The mugshots are all side by side with the centre photo of each person facing forward and the ones on either side facing the next person on the top row, while facing themselves on the bottom. I liked this idea of having each person facing someone else as well as having them facing inward to look at themselves because of the way it incorporates the idea of  “seeing others / seeing ourselves.” 

    The Iron Door / The Rogue Stylist