Third Year Projects

Samantha Deck The Anxiety’s Photographer 1

2021, Digital Image, 10″ X 9.25″

This series looks into the anxieties I experience as a photographer. When I am taking pictures of people, or in some cases in the presence of people, I have this underlying anxiety about how others will perceive me. I have insecurities about people watching me take photos, create my work, and sometimes even during set up. For this series, I have taken photographs of me in my home “studio” space, somewhere I feel more comfortable. Ironically, I still experienced a lot of anxiety around the technical aspects of this assignment. For this assignment in particular, I tried my best to be transparent and to let these anxieties spill from my reality into my set up and my final images: from the strobes flashing in my eyes, to the lights not working, lighting batteries and computers dying midway, and overall a whole basement filled with equipment. I use mirrors to reflect how I don’t want to be watched, and I occasionally find I would prefer people to see my camera, and not me.

    The Anxiety’s Photographer 1