Third Year Projects

Kayla Ward Shared Hands

2021, Chromogenic Print, 11.6″ x 14.5″

Guppy is a series of images that seeks to explore my relationship with my late Nan (grandmother). Consisting of performative still lives, object studies, and archival images, the work functions as a love letter to someone who holds great significance in my life. My Nan was a very sentimental woman. She would often collect mundane materials because they held ties to the people she loved. These items hold a new significance in her absence and act as a way to examine the moments she felt were meaningful. Over the last few years, my family has often told me that I have her hands. Performative gestures within the photographs allow me to implant her essence into the body of work. The process of making this work has allowed me to feel the warmth of her presence, surrounded by the things she held dearly.

    Shared Hands