Third Year Projects

James Marshall Sam’s Bedroom

2021, Luster Paper print, 11″ x 7.33″

When thinking about this project, entitled Bringing you into the Bedroom, I would ask myself why I want each aspect to be involved and how I interact with the scene. I decided that I wanted to capture a subject within their bedroom. This topic is something that I find very interesting as it investigates someone’s life in one of their most personal spaces. I have captured everyone on their bed as that is the space where everyone is most vulnerable. This has allowed me to capture my subjects in an environment that displays many personal aspects that they might not always show; as a result I was able to get a more authentic reaction to the things they were doing in their room. I had a feeling that some subjects would feel very vulnerable during the shoot, while others would feel very confident. Some people might see this as someone coming into their personal space versus them being within a comfortable environment that they have curated. While shooting, I noticed that many people went through both being vulnerable initially, and as we progressed, many of them became more comfortable, which allowed them to feel confident.

    Sam’s Bedroom