Third Year Projects

Katarina Munk Reflection #2

2021, inkjet print, 8”x10”

Who’s That Woman in the Mirror? The most honest and vulnerable conversations I’ve ever had in life were with my reflection in the mirror. She’s been through it all with me. This series plays with themes of self-reflection, both literally and figuratively, as well as dealing with the pressures of young adulthood, namely, the anxiety that comes with standing on my own two feet, living away from family, and trying to figure out where I stand in this world alone as a young woman. This piece reflects the passing of my father in October of 2021, which prompted a sudden recalibration of my identity within the familial unit, and a detachment of self after losing a parent. Each image features lines of text which represent my inner monologue voicing feelings of unsteadiness in life with just the woman in the mirror to make sense of it. These words also reflect inner obsessive thoughts and rhetorical questions that connect one’s self-image to validation from others.

    Reflection #2