Third Year Projects

Angel Fonseca Overtime

Overtime is a photography series that focuses on students and business people working overtime at their office jobs. Nothing is worse than feeling a sense of resentment about how one may be spending multiple days of the week working at a job they don’t enjoy. Growing up I worked at a job where I felt like I was wasting my true potential and purpose within this world. As I started to find love within my passion I realized the people I cared about had no other option but to work extra hours and put time into a job that wasn’t fulfilling due to certain circumstances in their lives. I was able to connect with these issues my friends had as I felt the same way about my education. This inspired me to explore this idea as most of the younger generation don’t have a sense of direction and are stuck in their circumstances since they aren’t willing to take the risks necessary to achieve their aspirations. Overtime invites the viewer to connect with the characters in the series perhaps also question whether they’re working overtime at their own jobs.