Third Year Projects

Bill Zhou Memory Book

When we take a close look at ourselves, we find that we all share similar feelings regardless of race and identity. I believe photography, as a portable archiving tool, can preserve and express human emotions through images. Sometimes, those emotions not only appear in people themselves but also their environments. Those places can be the vessels of human spirits, and we can often find traces of humanity through them. As we look at those images, we can further use our imaginations to build a relationship between people and spaces. In this project, entitled Memory Book, I want to preserve loneliness and the feeling of longing by photographing non-human subjects and spaces. Additionally, with the current circumstances of a global pandemic,  I believe we all have someone that we cannot meet in person. Through image-making, we can all share our related experiences and emotions. In this way, we can open a new portal to show us a special way of seeing the world. 

    Memory Book