Third Year Projects

Melissa Van Oirschot Friend Group

Inkjet Print, 13”x19”

Individuals now more than ever are greatly attached to their phones. Phones have become a necessity in individual’s lives and it is rare to see someone without one on their person. The phone essentially becomes a part of the person and many individuals cannot, or would find it very difficult, to live without it. Nowadays such handheld devices can be used for countless activities due to technological advancements, the number of apps built and the wide availability of data and Wi-Fi. Such activities include calling, face-timing, texting, social media, music, video streaming, taking photos and videos, games, organization, reminders, availability, notes, directions, searching and many more. For individuals born in this century, especially Gen Z and Millennials, who have become obsessed with and reliant on a singular small electronic device, it has become a necessity for basic functionality in any given day. The attachment individuals have to electronic devices can be seen everywhere in society. However, one has to look up from their own device to notice it.

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