Third Year Projects

Gillian Macdonald Cornered

2021,  Inkjet Print, 11″ x 13.7″

This year, the way others have seen me has changed and tainted the way I see myself. Confidence was snatched from the palms of my hands, and I started to find an eerie comfort in silence. My voice was shut out, and nothing I did or said mattered. There was no consent in the violation that suffocated me and I was left feeling empty as a result of being sexually harassed on three different occasions. The word “no” was floating around in space, muted to everyone, except for me. I felt alone. Through Untouch,  I take my voice back, refusing to be muted. While working alone can be challenging and at times uncomfortable, I present my story through my perspective. Here, I portray how it felt and how it still feels. Working with my body, my emotions, and the reminders of past events helps me to better understand how I have been affected. I am confronting my past and rebuilding my foundation.