Third Year Projects

Mackenzie Paul Adelaide St.

2021, Digital, 8” x 10”

The average person is caught on camera 34 times a day through CCTV footage alone. Living in a digital world, we have become accustomed to being documented without our consent in a variety of ways. It has become common to film others without their consent and post the footage to various social media platforms. Professional photographers will photograph whoever they may need to in order to make the perfect image. While it is legal to photograph and film anyone or anything in a public space, does that make it ethically okay? Unseen is a project that serves to comment on the privacy lost with the advancement of technology, as well as to challenge and question the ethics and practices of street photography. Each image in this series depicts different individuals walking through the streets of Toronto, but their faces have been pixelated beyond the point of recognition. By removing their faces, a key way of identifying others has also been stripped away, leaving each viewer to interpret the images in their own way. 

    Adelaide St.