Third Year Projects

Taylor Cameron A Conversation Through Music

2021, Lester Print, 8″ x 11″

This project explores the connection my dad and I share through our love for music. Music is something that connects us all, however, for me, it’s a particular genre of music that connects me to my dad. 80s hard rock/hair metal music is what my dad grew up listening to, it was what he had been introduced to and he still has the same passion for it today. This genre of music was constantly played in the house and in the car while I was growing up, so it feels inevitable that I became a huge fan of it. My project acts as a sort of conversation between my dad and I through our love for this genre of music. I asked him questions about his favourite albums and what caused him to grow such a deep connection to this music, helping the viewer understand why I included the photographs that I did.

Sharing the physical copies of these albums is an aspect of our relationship as well. I have some of my dad’s old cassettes that he would listen to on repeat and it’s fascinating listening to them and finding out which songs he listened to the most from the way the tape is worn out on certain songs. The physical media, however, goes beyond just my dad’s old cassettes. We visit record stores together, digging for old copies of these albums; we enjoy the challenge of looking through boxes and bins for the small chance of finding a gem. It’s something we do often and has helped our bond grow even stronger.  I always look forward to the time we spend together searching for the physical copies of these classic albums. This is also an aspect I’ve included in this project, each photo included being of the physical material.

    A Conversation Through Music: Untitled 3