Thesis Show

Guinevere MacLeod You Are Here

These are four stills from a virtual reality project in process titled ‘You Are Here’. The project was based around an original idea I had to bring my small hometown to an interactive exhibit. The basis of my thesis was to share the meditative experiences of these places using original instrumental music and imagery. The project contains four scenes and interactive areas, consisting of various locations I filmed with a 360 camera. From there I created small pocket-sized worlds inside of these locations, that once a viewer was immersed in virtually, could walk around freely in. A lot of my projects take the opportunity to combine realistic and unrealistic imagery and objects which presents such an interesting and fun way to present certain ideas and feelings. I hope people will be able to listen to my music and enjoy a relaxing time taking part in my little virtual worlds.

    The Beach
    The Field
    The Forest
    The Park