Thesis Show

Maria-Sofia Guevara We’re Over Here

“We’re Over Here”, is about the Filipino disconnection that takes place in the West. It addresses the cultural
assimilation that happens when immigrating, or being born in another country.

As an immigrant oneself, language, and traditions are lost as the years progress due to a lack of immersiveness in Filipino culture. Since I arrived at a young age, my identity was easily swayed to fit the society around me. Similar experiences of Filipino disconnection from others met have been presented over time. This concluded me to document and share their experiences.

This documental portrait series of Filipino/a/x s in the Greater Toronto Area recalls memories of cultural
disconnection. Some may have overcome their moments but others still struggle with their identity to this day. It is complicated as some may choose to only carry certain aspects, values, or traditions in the future.

    Chris and Mala
    Diane and Kiddo