Thesis Show

Samantha Ruddy Parapluie

This piece was inspired by my trip to New York a few years ago. Being a Yukoner, I had convinced myself that it did not snow south of the 60th parallel and therefore my February trip to New York was obviously going to be a tropical vacation. A few days later I found myself shivering in a New York snowstorm. As I was standing there, a woman came over and held her umbrella over my head. I looked at her in confusion. She replied, “You looked cold.” We walked together in silence for a few blocks before finally going our separate ways. That kind and simple gesture has stuck with me to this day. The subject matter I often approach in my work centers around depression and anxiety. I took a new approach with this project. Using dance and projections, I reminded myself of what is possible when I allow myself to let go and dance in the rain.