Thesis Show

Carly Ramsey Untitled

This series is a revisitation of the people and places that felt most like home while growing up and tells the story of them as they are now but through the lens of time. In order to not tie the series to any given time period, the photographs were shot on black and white film. In addition, to not give a dreamlike effect, or any sense of comfort, Kodak Tri-X was used to give the photographs a harsher look due to the film’s higher contrast and grain. Most of the photographs were shot on a Nikon FM2n 35mm camera using 24mm and 50mm prime lenses. For a two-week period, I was able to use a Mamiya 645 1000s medium format camera, also loaded with Kodak Tri-X, and three of these images made it into the series.

    Better Days
    Empty Marina
    Grandma’s Hands
    Grandma’s Pool
    Grandma’s Wheelchair
    Port Hope Storefront