Thesis Show

Yuwen Wang Chinese Laborers

It is China’s glorious tradition to always respect and love the laborers. The laborers created the Chinese nation, created a rich history of the Chinese nation, and will surely create a bright future for the Chinese nation. This is a documentary series focused on laborers with different jobs. Most of them come from the countryside. In order to survive, they left their hometowns to bid farewell to their relatives and dedicate their strength to the people in the city in obscurity. But still, some people always underestimate the significance of their existence. Showing the most authentic aspect of their work through snapshots, the purpose of creating this project is to make people aware of the characteristics of different social classes and different occupations, and pay attention to the hard work of Chinese laborers, thus showing the care and sympathy for laborers, shining with the brilliance of human nature.

    Calm Afternoon
    Lunch Break
    The Balloon Guy
    The Barber
    The Vegetable Merchant