Thesis Show

Deion Squires-Rouse Sweet Balm; Surrender

How do you confront the dizzying possibility of life and death?
What do you call the moment between present and future?
How do you count the infinities that live there?

The impermanence and volatility of precarious futures sit in the back of the consciousness; they buzz and whirr, threatening to tear and rend, to shred and mince. They signal an existence where banality is performance and the choice to continue is a lonely one. Where do we find meaning where there is none? Personhood is a reaction to this choice, a characterization born from the need to exist.

Take what you will or take nothing at all. I am offering a window to the void. Look within and find the absurd, find life as a response to death, find the sensation of being.

Reckoning and realization, the sickness is the remedy, Sweet balm; Surrender.

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