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Kaitlyn Warick Look at Us, See Them

Look at Us, See Them documents elements of the animal rights movement in Toronto, Ontario. This multifaceted project first brings attention to the movement through fifty typological photographs of livestock tags that give presence to the animals suffering without depicting them directly. They represent a fraction of the animals killed each day in slaughterhouses as each tag has accompanied an animal through its unnaturally short lifespan within the livestock industry. Accompanying the tags are gestures documented at various animal rights events, where activists stand in solidarity as they bring attention and bear witness to the suffering of animals. The video component of the project consists of individual video portraits of animal rights activists from the GTA as they share their perspectives on the movement. Each element of Look at Us, See Them works together to showcase a community effort aimed at relieving suffering for some of Earth’s most vulnerable beings.

    Toronto Cow Save Vigil
    “Livestock” Tag #27
    “Livestock” Tag #22
    “Livestock” Tag #12
    “Livestock” Tag #10
    Anti-Fur March