Thesis Show

Zongzhe Trevor Cai Fantasia

Fantasia illustrates a magical world that is completely other and full of whimsy. This world reveals the landscape of our dreams and daydreams. One of the reasons why people often become enthralled in worlds of make-believe is that these worlds can give voice to the unheard, unspoken, and unseen dark underside of reality, which many people feel so profoundly but cannot articulate. Only when light is shed onto the hidden imperfections of reality, do we become more aware of the immense beauty of the world we know. With the intention of bringing both beauty and pain to the forefront, I created this surreal world of fantasy with a variety of self-conflicting characters and sets that starkly display radically contrasting facets of reality. I built an imaginary world using CGI that exists as a layer on top of the realism created by traditional fashion photography to prompt the viewers to look back at reality through otherworldly eyes.

    Contained Freedom
    Manipulative Clown
    Transient Happiness
    Unbreakable Boundary