Thesis Show

Angel Avramidis & by Night it all Changes

& by night it all changes is a collection of images which are meant to reflect the surreal and unwelcoming atmosphere that accompanies the night, specifically in suburban, working class neighbourhoods. The classic architecture and uncommercialized spaces within these areas tend to be anachronistic, making it difficult to figure out where or when you are. I kept composition, colour, and lighting in mind while shooting for this series in an attempt to capture and preserve the ambience of the spaces. The voyeuristic approach I took in shooting this project is meant to make the viewer feel as though they are an outsider, peering into the spaces that others are inhabiting but never being given enough information to be involved themselves or to even know what is happening. In my compositions, light holds the purpose of providing slight comfort to the viewer, bringing some warmth and illumination into the environment.

    3:00 AM
    Additional Parking
    Fresh Start
    Little Boxes all the Same
    Lookout Point
    Power Lines
    Eleven O’Clock News