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Sarah Pacheco A Process

How do you say you aren’t okay? How do you ask for help? Will it ever get better? What does it mean to be vulnerable? What does saying sorry sound like? What does forgiveness look like? What does happiness feel like? What does it mean to hurt? What does it mean to heal?

A Process tells my story of the past 8 months, a time in my life when everything I knew fell apart and I lost myself entirely, but somehow, I had to pick up the pieces and start again. I share my honest truth about what it means to struggle with mental illness and what my process of healing looks like. These pages hold my good days and bad days, my fears and regrets, confusion and discovery, pain and compassion, and the beautiful and ugly. 

This book is a literal and metaphorical process, to bind it is to mend myself, to heal is to tell my story. A Process is meant to be taken slow, to think about, to question, to reflect, to relate to, to find comfort in, it is to find hope in, it is to heal. 

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