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Peyton Keeler-Cox Is She Proud of Me?

Is She Proud of Me? is a body of work that illustrates the long and everlasting relationship I have with the child within myself. It wasn’t until I freshly entered my twenties and probed into the transition of womanhood that I quickly realized that who I am today draws from the little girl I once was; her dreams, passions, and feelings. This work showcases the reformation and relationship from childhood to womanhood, understanding the inner workings of my younger self and how they appear in the women I look at in the mirror today. This relationship is tethered together through my most extended passion for dance which has always remained my most vital outlet of freedom and liberation throughout my life. This becomes the most substantial connection to my younger self and understanding my womanhood and femininity in this life. The usage of snow and ice melting helps depict nuance and change, this idea of something new making shape and reforming new space. The word best to describe this work is simply honor, because without my little self, how would I have learned about love, when to untangle my knots in my hair, when to run wild in the garden, and when to cry when I am hurt. She is inside of me. She lives in my heart and bones. She taps her little toes when she is unsure; she twirls when the sun hits her face, she holds the same dreams I have now. However, I have longer legs now and more bumps and scars on my body. She is still a part of me, no matter how big or bruised I get. She still matters and runs wildly inside of me. She is me. She is free. I know she is proud of me.