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Peyton Mott From What I can Recall

From What I Can Recall is a series of self-portraits accompanied by a multi-channel analog video. The series reflects on my mental health and illnesses and how they affect my life; as the title of the series explains, this is a statement on the lack of recollection of many memories due to disassociated experiences in those moments. The process of the series is one of the most important elements of the aura of the work; using multi-channel circuit-bent hardware to create images and videos converted through VHS. These images are one of a kind and cannot be replicated digitally or with hardware, as each moment changes and glitches — similar to unidentifiable memories, within the process, unique frames pass and become obsolete within moments. This is a reflection of anger and sadness connected to the missing out on core memories and the work done to heal the inner child that missed out. This is a documentation of my body, memories, and emotions, or lack thereof. The works are inspired by pointillism and glitch art, take a step back and find the memories within the works.

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