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Emily Cole Children of the Cactus

When a person thinks of editorial fashion photography, they immediately think of expensive, high-end clothing. I wanted to break this pre-conceived notion by depicting editorial photography as a style of art more than the focus on the price of the clothing. To do this, I photographed a group of young teenagers in the desert of Tucson, Arizona, and instructed them to come wearing only thrifted clothing. Younger models, in general, aren’t often used because of their lack of experience. However, I used these restrictions, their lack of modeling skills, and their open-mindedness to my advantage by posing them, while also allowing their individual personalities into the images. My goal was not to create a series with full professionalism but to break the boundaries of editorials and use styles that would often be disfavoured because I believe that anyone can model wearing just about anything with the right amount of instruction.

    Children of the Cactus